These 'Justice League' Group Costumes Are Perfect To Try This Halloween

by Ani Bundel
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We're only six weeks or so away from Halloween, and now is the time for all good partiers to come to the aid of their costumes. Not only to decide what costume you might wear, but what costumes your squad is going to wear. The most impressive folks at the big Halloween bashes are the ones that coordinate their outfits and show up as a team. And speaking of teams, is there any team more iconic than the Justice League? Let us talk through some easy Justice League group costumes to break out this year.

Before we get started, let's review who the members of the Justice League are: Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman... and technically Superman as well.

The movie isn't coming out until November 17th, a full two weeks after Halloween, but the promotional trailers and posters have been out for some time. Enough time that most people who didn't sit through Superhero FacePunch (aka Batman vs Superman) know that in the Justice League movie version of events, Superman is supposedly dead.

(Spoiler alert, he's coming back.)

Whether you choose to include Superman or not, pleased be advised, this is a sausage heavy group -- the only female member is Wonder Woman. Not that you can't gender swap any of these characters (and we actually highly suggest you do if needed.) But if you're going to "traditional", this is guy-group project.


Warner Brothers

Batman is a black costume, so start with a black unitard, or teeshirt and tights. For armor, since it's cartoony looking anyway, go for something like paintball armor, and then either glue carved Styrofoam muscle on (or not) depending on which Batman you're going for. (Clooney-heads, add your nipples.)

Make sure to paint the Batman crest on the center of the chest. Classic is bright yellow, Justice League is a little more blown out and silver. (You can print out a template from the web.) Then add elbow length gloves, a cowl and as many zany Bond like accessories as you would like.

Batman Mask, $16, Walmart 

Wonder Woman

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Some want to go for the old Lynda Carter look. That's a bright red halter top, with gold WW trim at the bustline (either sewn or glued on) and a bright blue skort, either with or without stars, and bright red boots.

But for those who need to do Gal Godot's badass armor look, the Sorry Girls have a full on tutorial with video. Their suggestion: a black corset with the red pieces glued on to get that actual armored look to it and navy leather straps to build the "skirt."

Whichever you choose, don't forget your lasso of truth, sword and shield. And don't forget your tiara!


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For those who want to go 70s and remind us all what Aquaman originally looked like, it's all you with the green tights, orange dayglo muscle shirt and green elbow length gloves. More power to you brother or sister.

But for those who would rather do the Khal Drogo Aquaman of the movie, we highly suggest the cheap method: being very buff and going shirtless, with only a pair of gauntlets on your arms, and then doing baggy dark green pants (think camo pants) that you pegleg into tall boots.

The other suggestion is a full on bodysuit, in very dark green, Styrofoam muscles with the triangles sketched on, and a whole lot of gold strapping  Long hair (and beard) are required, as is the trident.

The Flash

Warner Brothers

This is one that will gender swap easier, because it's just a red bodysuit, and maybe some of those leather cut outs glued on. (If you want to go full leather cut outs, you might do a dark red or black bodysuit underneath.) The Flash isn't bulky, he's fast. The major things you need for accessories are the mask, red gloves, red boots and the lightning symbol in the middle of the chest.


Warner Brothers

Hilariously, Cyborg is a lot like the Star Trek borg, he's just silver instead of black leather, and has no cowl. You need a silver bodysuit, with the panels drawn on in sharpie, or you can probably find a graphic tee that will pass muster. (Wanna be really bad ass? Get a Tony Stark chest piece and put a red LED in it, if it doesn't already light up.)

Cyborg Graphic Tee, $21, Amazon 

Pants (or leggings) are grey silver. You'll need metal arm pieces, either made out of light aluminum from Home Depot or painted plastic, and the partial mask that covers one eye.

Cyborg Mask, $8, Amazon 


Warner Brothers

As we said above, as far as fans are supposed to know, Superman is dead when this movie begins. So if you decide not to include Superman, you'll be going for the spoiler-free version of the movie for your friends.

But if you do include him, since you're going to go ahead and spoil what everyone has guessed anyway, we have a suggestion: please feel free to include a removable mustache. This will prove you're "real fans" and know about the Henry Cavill reshoot debacle, where he couldn't shave off the mustache from the other movie he was working on.

As for the rest, it's exactly what it shows in the movies, a head to blue outfit, either bodysuit with sleeves, or longsleeved shirt and tights, with a silver belt and the emblem. Like Batman and the Flash, print out a template and stencil on. Don't forget your red cape and boots.