This Bar Serves Alcoholic Butterbeer So You Can Party Like Harry Potter

What better way to cope with the world right now than get drunk and pretend you're Harry Potter?

That was my go-to coping mechanism through all of college, so I can personally recommend it to all of you.

And now a bar in London is making it all the easier for us nerds to drink our troubles away.

A pub called The Blind Pig, located in Soho, London, is serving real, honest to god Butterbeer — with alcohol in it.

That's right: This isn't like the sissy stuff you get at Universal Studio's Wizarding World. These are drinks that will actually get you nice and pissed, should choose to partake.

The cocktail is called "Half A Pint O' Buttah," and is inspired by the drinks Harry Potter and company drank at Hogsmeade.

The drink consists of Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Kamm & Sons, thyme, butterscotch, citrus, bitters and beer — so this is a lot more alcoholic than your average beer.

The Blind Pig

The drink costs buyers £10.50, or about $13.11 -- not bad for a shit ton of alcohol.

(If that's their version of butterbeer, I'd shudder to see their firewhiskey.)

The drink is part of the bar's new menu, "Long and Short Great British Tales," which is drinks inspired by British children's books.

In addition to "Harry Potter," the bar also serves theme drinks for stories like "The Tale of Peter Rabbit, " "Alice in Wonderland" and "Winnie The Pooh."

So even if "Harry Potter" isn't your jam (which seems unlikely, since you clicked on this article), you can probably still find a drink catered to your childhood nostalgia.

If you don't have the Galleons to buy a broom to fly all the way to London, you could also try your luck at this homemade butterbeer recipe.

Or you could just drink red wine as you reread "Half-Blood Prince" in the bath like the rest of us. Just saying.

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