This Epic Fan Theory About Toby From 'The Office' Makes So Much Sense

by Eitan Levine

Over four years after "The Office" stopped airing new episodes, we finally have a break in the case of the Scranton Strangler.

If you haven't watched "The Office" yet, you should probably leave this page and go watch it.

We're about to go deep inside "Office" baseball here to try to solve this mystery, so you will probably be very lost the second this paragraph is over. But feel free to send this to five people who did watch "The Office" when it was on air -- like everyone else on the planet.

If you are at least a casual fan of the show, though, an Uproxx theory about the Scranton Strangler could leave you up all night wondering if the real killer is still out there.


To give you a small recap, the Scranton Strangler was a murderer who would strangle people who lived around the Scranton area (duh).

Toby Flenderson had a weird connection to the strangler in that he was on the jury for the case after investigators concluded the strangler was George Howard Skub. Toby maintained Skub was wrongfully prosecuted and he was pressured into convicting him.

Toby eventually did visit Skub in jail, but ended up getting strangled himself.

The theory here suggests Toby is actually the strangler, and it brings up some compelling evidence.

Uproxx explains,

— Toby has no one that loves him (as Michael has pointed out countless times) — Toby has made multiple, dark remarks about killing without a hint of sarcasm — Toby's guilt after being 'pressured' into convicting George Howard Skub as the Scranton Strangler eats him up inside — The lone phone call when everyone was watching the Scranton Strangler chase at his desk doesn't add up. Who is dialing Toby, a man with no friends, directly? Such convenient timing, as well…


Someone send police back to 2013 TV so they can arrest this MONSTER.

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