Fake Strongman Duo Troll News Programs With Their Hilarious Prank Routine


With names like "Chop" and "Steele," I would 100 percent believe these dudes are legit strongmen.

And just like a number of local TV morning shows, I was fooled by this fake strongman duo.

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher pulled the wool over the eyes of a number of producers when they signed up to show off fitness demonstrations -- despite not being particular fit or even showing off real exercises.

I wonder if they still get paid for their segments, though.

Mostly, I'm impressed by the news anchors maintaining a straight face and even, at times, acting impressed.

At one point, an anchorwoman exclaims, "Nice!" at the small feats of strength.

Just like Chop says,

Actions speak louder than demonstrations.

Local news viewers were treated to some EXTREME FEATS like karate-chopping twigs, stomping out wicker baskets, and (do not try at home) throwing twigs at a person's shirtless back.

The comedians are behind the Found Footage Festival, which is a collection of obscure and weird VHS videos and bizarre clips -- not unlike the one they created of themselves.

But this isn't the first time the two comedians have created a character and sent a press release to local TV stations.

"K-Strass," a yo-yo master named Kenny Strasser, was the first to make anchors feel awkward and producers slap their heads.

Mainly because K-Strass did not know how to yo-yo.

When he mentions he's going to give up the yo-yo because he doesn't have the muscle memory, I die a little inside.

Chef Keith Guerke, whose last name sounds like "turkey" with a "g," was promoting a fake cookbook.

On the TV segment, he promised to make delicious meals out of your leftovers, but instead just made an anchor try disgusting concoctions like turkey, cranberry sauce and other fixin's mixed in a blender.

But Chop and Steele may be my new favorites, simply because they remind kids safety comes first,

This is one you shouldn't try at home... Unless you really feel like you can pull it off.

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