Eva Mendes Looks Amazing After Having Her Second Child With Ryan Gosling

“Go fuck yourself. I'm Eva Mendes.”- Eva Mendes talking to the concepts of time and aging every morning.

Two months after Eva and Commander SmoothEyesMcGreatPersonality (Ryan Gosling) had their second child, Eva has made her first official public appearance, and she still looks amazing. Not that this was any shocker as Eva Mendes is Eva Mendes, and Eva Mendes DOES. NOT. AGE.

She's like a Hollywood unicorn not bound by the laws the rest of us humans have to acknowledge and live by.

I'm pretty sure Eva Mendes cut a deal with the laws of nature early on in her life to ensure she never goes through standard aging.


Mendes made the appearance at an event for her budget beauty brand, CIRCA, in Los Angeles, and it was attended by various beauty writers and vloggers.

Eva Mendes can wear the shit out of a sundress.


By the way, Eva's kids' names are also dope. A little over a year ago, she and Ryan had their first daughter and named her Esmeralda. They've chosen to name the second one Amada.

Their names sound like ukulele chords.

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