This Crazy 'Emperor's New Groove' Fan Theory Is Pretty F*cking Creepy

by Eitan Levine
Buena Vista Pictures

If you thought “The Emperor's New Groove” was just a cute movie about David Spade turning into a llama and then getting into wacky shenanigans, think again. Straight-up murders and stuff happen in this movie, and it's beyond messed up.

After Spade's character, Kuzco, gets turned into a llama, he walks through the forest and sees a fly goes right by him. He then watches as the fly gets caught in a spider web and begins to plead for its life.

The cries go unanswered, and it is eventually eaten by a vicious arachnid while still yelling, “HELP ME! HELP ME!”

Kuzco calls the experience the “freakiest thing [he's] ever seen.”

Redditor lish_94 thinks this small and seemingly inconsequential part of the movie could be significantly more f*cked up than we all originally assumed and recently posted this to Reddit:

So, my theory is that the fly was originally human. This would explain why Kuzco is able to understand its cries for help, but then it gets brutally eaten by the spider and Kuzco is left mortified.

Whoa. Ew. WTF, DISNEY?!

This theory isn't totally out of the realm of possibility within the "Emperor's New Groove"-verse.

First off, in addition to Kuzco, one of the guards turns into a cow and Yzma turns into a cat during the movie. One more person turning into a non-person is not a crazy thought.


No other animal speaks perfectly in the movie unless it was once a human.

Some Redditors have even gone as far as to say the whole sequence is an homage to “The Fly.” WTF, Disney?

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