Emma Roberts' best movies and TV shows include a full range of genres.

Here's Your Guide To The Ultimate Emma Roberts Movie And TV Show Marathon

She's the ultimate scream queen... and comedy queen... and drama queen.


Emma Roberts has built a solid reputation for herself as the ultimate scream queen for a generation, but true stans know that she can slay in so much more than just horror. As the niece of one of the greatest modern movie stars, Julia Roberts, Emma definitely inherited her aunt’s knack for nailing a captivating rom-com role, while also carving out a niche for herself with her ability to camp it up in slasher projects. Honestly, her filmography is a wild ride between genres, so if you’re looking for a fun watch party idea, check out this list of Emma Roberts’ best movies and TV shows.

After two decades in the entertainment industry, Roberts is perhaps best known for bringing the screams in nail-biting thrillers. As a core member of Ryan Murphy’s stable of horror stars, some of Roberts’ most iconic roles have been as self-involved, bratty mean girls who find themselves embroiled in some bloody mystery. But outside of the Murphy-verse, Roberts has shown time and again she can also nail it as an actually likable protagonist viewers will wholeheartedly root for in rom-coms or dramas.

If you’re looking for the perfect Emma Roberts movie or show to check out, these are the ones that are absolute musts.

Unfabulous (2004-2007)


Never forget Roberts’ roots as a Nickelodeon girlie. Her first lead role was as terminally awkward teen Addie Singer in Unfabulous, a middle-school sitcom that ran for three seasons. If you’re yearning to relive the sweet, sweet mid-2000s nostalgia, Unfabulous is the perfect throwback, filled with all the cringe-y slang and questionable fashion choices of the era.

Aquamarine (2006)

If you grew up in the mid-2000s, chances are you have very nostalgic memories of Aquamarine. Roberts starred in the (literal) fish-out-of-water comedy as a young girl who befriends a mermaid who escaped the ocean to find love on the land. The mid-2000s were when these types of fun teen comedies were in a golden age, and Aquamarine totally exemplified that era.

Nancy Drew (2007)

Warner Bros.

There’s no denying that getting to play Nancy Drew is pretty iconic. One of Roberts’ early breakout roles was as the instantly recognizable amateur sleuth in Warner Bros.’ 2007 movie. It’s definitely required viewing if you’re a Roberts fan, since it put her on the map in a big way. Plus, watching Nancy Drew follow the clues to solve a big mystery is just always satisfying.

Wild Child (2008)

Before becoming iconic for playing ultra-fashionable spoiled brats like Chanel Oberlin and Madison Montgomery, Roberts first proved her knack for snarky mean-girl roles in the teen comedy Wild Child. As the mischief-loving rich girl Poppy Moore, Roberts established what would become her signature: mixing showy glamour with biting insults, although this mean girl is actually able to turn over a new leaf in the end.

Valentine’s Day (2010)

When it comes to a star-studded cast, it doesn’t get any bigger than Valentine’s Day. The ensemble rom-com features just about every A-lister in Hollywood, including Roberts’ aunt, Julia Roberts. Because of the crowded cast list, Emma’s role as a sexually frustrated babysitter is a relatively small one, but it’s still sure to be a hit for all rom-com fans.

Scream 4 (2011)

Dimension Films

Roberts couldn’t truly be a scream queen until she starred in one of the iconic Scream movies. She got one of her juiciest movie roles ever in the fourth iteration of the slasher franchise, playing the cousin of Neve Campbell’s iconic final girl, Sidney Prescott. Though a new addition, Roberts’ character Jill is the real star of Scream 4, cementing her place in one of horror’s best-beloved franchises.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg star in this evocative, touching examination of a former couple trying to remain friends amid their divorce, but Roberts also steals her scenes as an up-and-coming pop star with more depth than meets the eye. Although this movie is full of comedic actors and it definitely has its funny moments, it’s really more of a romantic drama, which lets Roberts get more serious than usual. If you’re looking for a romance to tug at your heartstrings without being a total downer, press play on Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Adult World (2013)

A far cry from her innocent career beginnings and her campy popular roles, Adult World is Roberts’ grittiest project ever. Filled with unexpectedly dark themes, the movie stars Roberts as a struggling young poet who works at an erotica store after running away from home. Adult World is also notable as the movie where Roberts first met and began dating her former boyfriend Evan Peters, who co-stars in the movie as the manager of the erotica store.

We’re the Millers (2013)

Roberts proved she could deliver in a big-screen comedy in one of her most successful movies of all, the star-studded road-trip flick We’re the Millers. With Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Poulter alongside her as her fake family members, Roberts nailed the role of a rebellious teen runaway who always had a sarcastic one-liner to deliver. If you’re in the mood for a raunchy comedy full of A-list actors, this one’s for you.

American Horror Story: Coven (2013)


Roberts’ scream queen status was officially secured when she first joined American Horror Story in its witchy third season and introduced the world to one of the franchise’s most iconic characters: Madison Montgomery. Putting the “B” in witch, Madison terrorized her fellow spellcasters in Miss Robichaux's Academy with her telekinetic powers and penchant for stirring up drama. If you’re a Madison stan, then make sure you also check out American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the show’s eighth iteration that saw Roberts reprise her witchy role to try to save the world from the antichrist.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014)

Most AHS characters are super over-the-top, but Roberts pulled it back a bit for her second outing with the franchise. As the con-artist fortune teller Maggie Esmerelda, Roberts served ‘50s glam with ingenue intrigue. Freak Show might not exactly be the scariest of Roberts’ roles, but it’s still filled with wild twists and creepy creatures.

Scream Queens (2015-2016)

A lot of slasher movies have a major camp factor, but nothing can match the sheer outrageous campiness of Scream Queens. And the most ridiculous character of all is Roberts’ Chanel Oberlin, the poison-tongued queen bee of her sorority. Come for the bloody murder mystery, stay for the devastatingly eloquent insults that Chanel flings at her underlings ever other minute.

Nerve (2016)


If action is more your thing, then hang on for the pure adrenaline rush that is Nerve. This high-octane movie was ahead of its time in 2016, delivering on the same brand of lethal games and horrific spectacle that made Squid Game a global smash five years later. Roberts co-stars with Dave Franco as two daredevils who team up in the game of Nerve, a high-stakes game in which players have to complete increasingly dangerous dares for monetary rewards. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want a jolt of action and adventure.

Holidate (2020)

Listen, cheesy holiday movies definitely aren’t for everyone, but if they’re your thing, then Holidate is worth a watch. Roberts stars as a perpetually single woman who makes a deal with a stranger to pretend to be one another’s dates to family holiday celebrations in order to avoid their families’ constant judgement. Can you guess what happens next? Yes, it’s a quaint, predictable rom-com, but sometimes that’s just what you need.