Emma Chamberlain at the 2021 Met Gala. Wear this look for Halloween.

You Can Wear This Emma Chamberlain Halloween Costume All Year Long

No need for a Louis Vuitton budget.

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Emma Chamberlain’s first Met Gala was one for the books. The YouTube superstar proved that Gen Z can show up with some serious style, and her dress ended up being one of the standout looks of the night. Chamberlain’s head-to-toe Louis Vuitton look secured her a spot on a number of best-dressed lists, and if you felt some envy over her flawless look, don’t worry — it’s totally possible to recreate at home. Here’s how to wear Emma Chamberlain's 2021 Met Gala look for Halloween.

Chamberlain not only attended the Met Gala as a guest, but she served as a correspondent for Vogue on the red carpet. The magazine also documented every second of her getting-ready process. In a video titled “Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala,” the magazine depicted how every detail of her stunning look fell into place. While she admitted to being extremely indecisive with her hair, she wound up going for a simple style that let her dress shine.

For Chamberlain, who never went to prom, the chance to get dressed up was extra special for her. “Actually this kind of feels like going to prom, because of the nerves,” she told Vogue. “You’re not that scared but you’re excited. This is my prom experience.”

Chamberlain opted for a glittering, gold gown with cutouts across her sides and stomach. See her Met Gala ensemble below.

John Shearer/WireImage/Getty Images

Chamberlain’s gown looked like it had two pieces connecting at the waist, so this two-piece sequin dress from Indie XO is a great option. It also features an asymmetrical design, just like Chamberlain’s.

You’ll also want to add a statement pair of earrings to match Chamberlain’s.

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These rhinestoned mini hoop earrings from Kate Spade are the perfect touch.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll want to emulate Chamberlain’s beauty look. The YouTuber opted for a more colorful look consisting of green eyeliner. Outline the tops and inner corner of your eyes with an electric green liner, such as this one from Ulta.

Complete your look with a metallic gold open-toe stiletto. This option from Steve Madden is practically indistinguishable from Chamberlain’s.

Chamberlain turned heads at the Met Gala, and this Halloween, your costume will have everyone rolling out the carpet for you.