You Won't Recognize Emily Ratajkowski With This Dramatic New Hairstyle


It turns out Emily Ratajkowski, aka the woman from Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video, is some sort of magical hair sorceress.

My proof? These photos posted on Instagram in which she appears to have gotten a haircut one minute and then, somehow (magically?) that haircut is reversed a mere hours later.

The 25-year-old model and actress was doing some type of photo shoot on Wednesday when this voodoo went down.

See for yourself.

In this photo, Emily has bangs.

And in this one, taken later by her hair stylist, she doesn't.

Now I KNOW most of you are going to tell me in the first picture she is wearing a wig.

And sure, that might be the logical, reasonable and all around truthful explanation of what is going on.

But if you just take a second to throw logic out the window, I think you'll all agree with me something supernatural is going on here.

Let's take a second look.

If this is a wig, then WHERE DID ALL HER OTHER HAIR GO, HMMMM?







Don't tell me it's wrapped up in a bun! Look at it! It's way too thick to fit under there!

The only possible explanation left then is Emily Ratajkowski is a witch whose powers include, but are probably not limited to, changing her hairstyle at will.

Cool. I'm glad we all agree on this.

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