It's Possible Ed Sheeran's 'GOT' Character Was Burned Alive Last Episode


Game of Thrones fans are fickle. We were excited to see Ed Sheeran's cameo this season, until we decided it was too big, too in your face and too distracting. Then we hated that he'd ever been cast. To the point that the show runners had to defend it! But now that his tiny bit part is over, we're bringing him back up again. After all, that was a huge Lannister host we saw in the Loot Train battle. Could Ed Sheeran's Game Of Thrones character been in it?

Let's rewind. The last time we saw Sheeran and his buddies, they were on their way to the Twins to find out what happened to the Freys. Since then we've had two full episodes in which Arya had time to ride to both south to the Inn at the Crossroads in the Riverlands, and then retrace back North, past the Twins through the Neck and over the King's Road to Winterfell.

That means Sheeran and company had time to ride to the Twins, see the devastation, then ride back south to King's Landing to report on what they saw. (Also deliver Arya's message that the North remembers.) From there, rather than be sent back North to deal with the Frey's castle, they would have most likely been part of Jaime's organized host that rode to Highgarden, easily taking The Reach.

Now, director Matt Shakman said that Ed Sheeran was not actually on set, and did not film with him in this episode. (Instead another cameo, Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard, was there.) And the showrunners promised he would not appear after episode 1 this season. But that doesn't mean we can't headcanon his fate.

Because, you know, we've met these guys. They're not the most, eager of soldiers, shall we say? We saw all those Lannister infantry lying all over, taking an extended break at the back of the Loot Train line. Randyll Tarly was clearly disgusted by them. But considering this group was a outfit with a guitarist, it would make a lot of sense that they would be part of that straggler group, lazing in the sunshine while Ed worked on his rendition of "Hands of Gold."

In short, chances are very high that Sheeran and his buddies are totally in that group of men being screamed at to stand their ground, as the pounding of Dothraki hoof beats draws closer and Drogon sails over the ridge line.

You really think he survived that?

Or this?

I don't think so.

So rejoice fans who were anti-Sheeran in Westeros. Most likely Drogon has fixed the problem for good. (Too bad for that other guy's wife, though. I suppose it no longer matters if she had a boy or girl...)