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Here's How To Eat And Work Out Just Like A Sports Illustrated Model


Quick disclaimer: Eating and exercising like Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Robyn Lawley won't give you her perfect cheekbones. Actually, it won't give you her flawless body, either.

Lawley looks like what happens when an ancient witch casts a spell on a Greek statue, rendering it both sentient and immortal.

While we all can't hope to achieve that level of timeless beauty, there's still the hope Lawley's eating and exercise habits will make us feel our best.

The model/mother/swimwear line creator told ELLE,

She starts her days with eggs on toast with chopped red onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes, cilantro and kale she grows herself. Sometimes, she'll add Brie and cook the onion in some French butter, presumably when things aren't feeling European enough.

Lawley also likes some coffee and a smoothie first thing in the morning.

She told the magazine,

When lunch rolls around, the 26-year-old makes her own hearty salads. She explained,

She uses red onions, kale, baby spinach, radishes, carrots, peppers, butterhead lettuce, avocados, pineapple, mango, apple, sunflower seeds and smashed almonds to keep the mix colorful. Tuna or boiled eggs are also options for salads that are a bit heavier.

Throughout the day, Lawley stays active, taking Ripley on hikes and kickboxing with trainer Jason Zickerman at Box N Burn Santa Monica Boxing Gym. Her trainer, Penny Walsh, will guide her through interval training during stays in Australia.

For dinner, Lawley enjoys cooking up fresh, veggie-rich ratatouille for herself and Ripley.

She shared,

Lawley's diet is the healthiest one I've read about in ages, which probably explains why her skin glows like a firefly's heinie.

One step at a time, let's all kale-massage our way to a better life and cleaner insides, with this life-guide courtesy of Robyn Lawley.

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