5 Easter Eggs In 'The Defenders' Episode 7 You Definitely Missed

by Ani Bundel

The penultimate episode of Marvel's The Defenders was lighter on easter eggs and call backs, mostly in order to get the story moving towards it's conclusion. (That's usually how these things work. Still, despite the easing up on references there are still a few fun things of note that we get during the episode. So once again, we've rounded up all the Marvel easter eggs in The Defenders Episode 7 that you might have missed.

The episode opens with a flashback of a flashback that occurs in Daredevil Season 2. There we saw Stick decide to send Elektra to convince a younger Matt that he should join the Hand. We see her do everything she can to turn him into the soldier Stick wants, and we see her fail. What we didn't see before is shown to us now: When she told Stick she failed. "He changed who you are," he response accusingly. Oh Stick, if only that was really true. You'd still be alive.

So where have you seen that image before? Or why *does* that line seem so familiar? Let's run down all the callbacks and Easter eggs tucked away in The Defenders' seventh episode of this inaugural season.

Is Sidekick A Good Look On Me?


The sidekicks get together and are going to take this act on the road if no one stops them. As it is, hearing Claire say that was pretty damn priceless. As soon as Trish and Karen get together all bets are off y'all.

I'm Putting You In A Room With Two Superpowered People....

One of these days....people are going to start putting things together. At least Foggy realized the only way to keep Matt and Daredevil separate was to encourage them to run.

There's a Dragon Under New York


The same dragon Danny faced in K'un Lun. I believe this is what we call awkward. But hey, at least Danny has told Luke all about it, so at least one person will understand what this means when they all get down to the bottom of the hole and find him there.

Couple Days? That Feels Like Three Weeks Ago

Welcome to the Trump Administration. We all know how you feel Jessica.

Vigilantes Don't Have Jurisdiction

The NYPD is correct, the Sokovia Accords took care of that. But have any of our people signed them? I think not!