7 Easter Eggs In 'The Defenders' Episode 6 You Definitely Missed

by Ani Bundel

Marvel's The Defenders is only eight episodes instead of the usual 13 that the first four shows were, and the tightening of the pace is a godsend. In this episode we not only had a bunch of easter eggs, but we finally got to that twist where the big bad turns out to not actually be the big bad, but in is fact deposed by another. Not that we minded. And it was good to come so quickly. Let's look at the other Marvel easter eggs in The Defenders Episode 6 that you might have missed.

Roll over Beethoven, you're skipping. This is our second reference to Alexandra's love of Beethoven. The first was earlier in the season, when she had part of the Philharmonic play a private concert for her. Now we have her listening on a 78 played on the most beautiful but old fashion Victrola in existence. All of these little "look how old she is" could be tiresome, but personally I found them fun, and the through line of Beethoven never being replaced in her heart in 300 years adorable.

So where have you seen that image before? Or why *does* that line seem so familiar? Let's run down all the callbacks and Easter eggs tucked away in The Defenders' sixth episode of this inaugural season.

Chi Closes Plot Holes

Oh look, the other three Defenders decide they don't need Danny. It's what we all wanted! (Also, Chi apparently hurts Matt's ears like whoa. Interesting.) But the real easter egg here is the hole under Midland Circe, also known as the plot hole in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. Finally, it turns out that hole had a purpose. It's the plot of The Defenders.

Iron Fist Vs Daredevil (&Jessica&Luke)

White Guy vs white guy. White guy wins. (Oh by the way, do you think working with the other three is part of why Finn Jones improved his fighting skills?) Also, the scene that follows as Danny and Luke bond is a continuation of the comics where the two of them are best buds. Does this mean we'll see them cross over into each others shows come Season 2? (It would certainly get more people to watch Iron Fist.)

You Could Have Called

Luke, Jessica, you were fun. But he's dating Claire now, ok? Let's just be friends.

What's In The Box?


Who knew Stick was a total Se7en fan?

Gao Returns To Form


Watching Gao be subservient to Alexandra was pretty weird knowing how hard a woman she is. It was good to see her hit her limit, and attempt to fight back agaisnt Alexandra, even if she was thwarted in her ambitions by Elektra's untimely return with the Iron Fist.

Boxing Dad Metaphor


Loved Jessica breaking out Matt's history to convince Lexi to stop being angry at her dad was a sweet moment. And one that revealed to Matt that he's not the only one who's able to figure out other people's secrets. Nice to see him and Jessica on the same plane.

His Name Is Matthew

And Hers is Elektra. And she just took her place as the rightful leader of the Hand, using her proper weaponry. Yes I squealed.