Super Bowl
These tweets about the E*Trade Baby Super Bowl 2022 commercial prove people are hype.

The E*Trade Baby’s Super Bowl Return Has Twitter Absolutely HYPE

The spot also featured a Britney Spears bop.

The year was 2008. Katy Perry was taking over the radio, Twilight was taking over the box office, and a new icon was taking over TV: the E*Trade baby. The adorable spokesperson made his TV debut at the 2008 Super Bowl, and remained a fan fave until his “early” retirement in 2014.

After the company released a teaser for its new Super Bowl spot on Jan. 28, fans were convinced the E*Trade baby would return at the Super Bowl 2022 — and they were right.

The new ad shows the famous baby living the retired life in the mountains before being recruited by his colleagues to join the finance game once again.

Here are some of the best reactions to the E*Trade baby’s grand return.