These Are The Drunk Texts Justin And Selena Definitely Send Each Other

by Katie Corvino
Getty Images

It's 11 PM on a Saturday night.  You're out with friends and end up feeling pretty tipsy after a few drinks.

Next thing you know, it's three hours later, you're drunk off your ass and decide to text your ex. No shame, we've ALL been there.

At the end of the day, sometimes it's OK to text your ex. Perhaps you can just be friends and have a mature, enjoyable conversation.

HOWEVER, that's um... not very likely.  For most of us, texting an ex may be the WORST f*cking idea ever. It's an absolute NO, but we do it anyway.

We know we'll wake up in the morning feeling mortified and stupid, but in that moment, six drinks in, it just feels so right.

Now, if celebrities really are living, breathing, emotional humans, they DEFINITELY have made some regretful decisions just like us.

Just think about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. They were SO IN LOVE (and still are, in my opinion) and have so much history together.

There's no way in hell these two ex-lovers don't drunk text each other on the reg.

I would pay some serious cash to read the drunk texts between Selena and JB. They're definitely flirty, sappy, sloppy and dirty AF.

Justin is definitely the king of drunk texts. You know he'd be the one to start 99 percent of their late-night conversations.

Think about how often Selena has gotten this text. Her camera roll is probably filled with screenshots.

You know Justin would try to impress her with some sexy late-night snaps. I mean, she dated him when he was a boy. Now, he's a MAN.

Their lyric game would be strong.

And honest confessions would be made, even if they were ignored in the morning.

They'd DEFINITELY use lots of emojis. I bet JB is a fan of the eggplant.

Told you.

He'd be straightforward, too -- thanks to the alcohol.

And, at times, his texts would be incomprehensible.

They'd talk about random memories Justin saved on his phone from years ago. It's fine. We get it.

And he'd try to win her back. Multiple times.

You know they'd get in fights. LOTS OF THEM.


But she'd never actually get mad... She cares about him too much.

Oh, and this would happen. We all know what this is.

Selena would pretend not to care, but deep down... we know what she'd really be thinking.

But thanks to her BFF, Taylor, she'll be over him in no time.