8 Drinking Games To Play While Watching The Season Finale Of 'The Bachelor'

by Jen Albanese
Warner Bros. Television

Just admit it: We've all loved watching this season of ABC's "The Bachelor." Whether you're like me and started watching it ironically and hate to admit you love it, or you're actually the 29th person to “fall in love” with Ben Higgins in the past few weeks, it's been a roller coaster of emotions for us all.

Nearing the finale, with only Jojo and Lauren B. left to pine over Ben, is it possible for the show to get more exciting? The answer is yes, but with drinking games, of course.

All you have to do is pick your poison and let the games begin. My personal choice is Champagne, since this is a classy affair. (I think Jojo's mom would agree, for those of you who caught her chugging out of the bottle during hometown visits.)

Rosé would be fitting. Shots would be hardcore, but hey, there's no judgment here. Soda will also work just fine, if you just want to play along and not end up like Lace in the first episode.

If you are looking for ways to heighten your "Bachelor" viewing experience, you've come to the right place. Here are eight games made just for you:

1. Drink every time Ben says “like.”

Our bachelor, though he is charming, is not the most articulate at times. Some serious "Bachelor" moments are hard to take seriously when the word “like” pops out of Ben's mouth so much.

“I like feel, like, you're, like, so great, like…” Maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine, but I feel that I have some confidants in this matter.

But, I understand he's under a lot of pressure. Breaking the hearts of 27 ladies in just a few weeks can't be easy. So instead of criticizing Ben, let's, like, cheers to him instead.

2. Drink every time someone cries.

We all know it's been an emotional ride, and it isn't over yet. Each week the stakes get higher and the breakdowns increase along with it. Whether it's Jojo, Lauren B. or Ben himself, let's turn their sadness into our happiness and drink up.

3. Drink every time you see a rose.

The rose is the official flower and mascot of "The Bachelor." The show is chock full of them. We've seen roses from ex-boyfriends, the nerve-racking rose ceremonies and even giant roses on contestants heads during this season.

Whether you accept them or not, let's see where else they pop up, so we can pop some more bubbly.

4. Drink every time you see Ben deep in thought.

Some of my personal favorite "Bachelor" moments are when Ben is pondering life in an undisclosed beautiful location. It seems as though he likes to do most of his thinking on cliffs, beaches and boulders.

Where will he contemplate next? He's a deep guy, so get your glass ready.

5. Drink any time a helicopter is involved.

This season seemed to be heavy on the helicopter rides as well as plane rides. Remember when Jubilee asked if someone else wanted to take her place in the copter? That was a huge "Bachelor" no-no.

How dare she! Jokes are unacceptable.

I see more helicopter rides in Ben's future, so let's hope there are complimentary drinks that come with it.

6. Drink every time Ben prods one of the ladies to spill her soul.

“Don't be afraid to hold back,” seems to be one of Ben's favorite lines. Since the beginning, he's showed he isn't there to mess around. Ben does not like his ladies to be coy.

So, in honor of Ben, don't hold back tonight. Just make sure you have someone around to hold your hair back later.

7. Drink every time Chris Harrison appears.

Every time our beloved host, Chris Harrison, walks into a room, the girls are a bit disappointed. Ben is the only man they want to see.

So, let's pay Chris some respect and celebrate his arrival. After all, he does always make sure we know when only the final rose remains (as if we didn't know).

8. Drink every time someone proclaims her love for Ben.

Eight weeks in, and everyone's hot for Ben. I mean, he's a software salesman from Indiana, so who wouldn't be?

Now only two girls are left, and they're both claiming to be in love with our bachelor. So, I think the love declarations will be flowing at the finale, and hopefully they go down smooth (along with your drinks).

So, choose your game wisely, or play all eight at the same time. I hope you have your own fantasy suite to sleep off the hangover in tomorrow. Let the games begin.