Drake Was Called Out For His Lack Of Street Cred In This Hilarious Interview

Damn. Drake needs a skin graft after that burn sesh with Jiminy Glick.

If you haven't had a chance to check out “Maya & Marty," I strongly suggest you do. With the exception of “UnREAL”-- AND YOU ALL NEED TO EFFING WATCH “UnREAL”-- it's my favorite new-ish summer show.

Anything without Maya Rudolph is dark and shitty and Martin Short is everyone's favorite uncle. So, obviously, M&M's variety show one of the feel-goodiest things on TV.

One of the early standout recurring sketches from the show has been Short reviving Jiminy Glick, a chubby, condescending TV host who works more like a one-man roast when talking to guests than an interviewer.

In case you somehow missed it, Jiminy Glick absolutely reamed out Larry David last week and it was pure gold.

This interview with Drake is brutal and soooo effing spot on. We've all sort of been glazing over the fact Drake has a comical lack of street cred, maybe even making him the least authentic rapper out there.

Thank GOD someone finally called him out on this.

Jiminy for president.

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