'Never Have I Ever' cast members make for great Halloween costume ideas

6 DIY Never Have I Ever Group Halloween Costume Ideas

These are both cute and easy!


When Never Have I Ever hit Netflix near the beginning of the 2020 COVID lockdown, it was an instant viral hit. The Mindy Kaling-produced series (based loosely on her own teenage years) was a hit for teens and 20-somethings still trying to figure their lives out. And these DIY Never Have I Ever group Halloween costume ideas are sure to be just as popular at the next big costume party.

Never Have I Ever is super popular because its protagonists are super relatable. That’s not just in their everyday problems or their typical lives, but also in how they dress. That makes a lot of these costumes easy to do. Heck, for some of the characters, you might already have pieces in your closet that work. Nothing here is too difficult, from Ben and Paxton’s everyday cool-guy wear to Devi’s regular-girl outfits. The most complex is a guy who technically doesn’t appear in person, but is essential nonetheless.

But if you don’t have these outfits already hanging around, here’s a rundown of some of the most iconic looks (all from the second season), where to find pieces that work for them, and how to put them together for your group of friends.

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Devi Vishwakumar Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume


Devi is no fashionista; she’s just a kid in high school who wants to look pretty but also thinks over air-conditioned buildings are cold. Dressing like her means pulling your typical high school outfit out of the closet: denim skirt, plain T-shirt, and a sweater.

Eleanor Wong Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume


Eleanor spent most of Season 1 as a bit of a backup chorus to Devi’s ongoing love life problems, but in Season 2, the character blossomed. Her story wasn’t just a big deal, but her wardrobe took a step forward as well. One of her most striking is her red head-to-toe outfit from Season 2.

Fabiola Torres Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume


Like Eleanor, Fabiola Torres got much more of a story in Season 2, with a whole lot of personality infused into her clothes. Her camo getup was a significant look from Season 2 in particular.

Paxton Hall-Yoshida Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume


The big thing for Paxton in Season 2 is that his arm is broken for most of the season. Now, there’s an argument for dressing as Paxton once he’s healed. However, for the hardcore Season 2 fans, especially ones trying to make sure Ben and Paxton are substantially different, wearing a cast is probably preferable.

Ben Gross Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume


Ben might end up with a different girl by the end of Season 2, but his relationship with Devi isn’t over. Considering how nicely he cleans up during his big presentation, it’s a nice contrast to Paxton.

John McEnroe Never Have I Ever Halloween Costume

Francois ANCELLET/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

He may never physically appear in the series, but John McEnroe is one of the most influential men in Devi’s life, hands down. Any group costume for Never Have I Ever needs one member to follow Devi around, narrating her thoughts all night.

Never Have I Ever Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.