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6 DIY Harry Potter Costumes To Make Your Halloween Super Magical

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by Anna Menta and Ani Bundel
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Even when fantasy franchises end, their fandoms live on. The farther away they get in the rearview mirror, the more these stories become part of the fabric of our culture, as baseline recognizable archetypes that require no explanation. Halloween is a time to break that mold for some creative types, to go all-out dressing up like the latest hit series on Netflix. But some people want to stick with the old favorites so they never actually have to explain who they’re dressed as. If that’s the speed you’re looking for this year, check out these easy DIY Harry Potter costumes that will make any Muggle jealous.

Stock in the Wizarding World franchise has fallen steadily since the debut of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but the main Harry Potter franchise remains popular, despite the author’s best efforts. It’s still a solid book series that captures kids’ imaginations at an early age and gets them into reading around the age of 8 or 9, and it’s one the next generation can grow up with the same way the ones who came before them did.

Between seven books and eight movies (10 if you count the new Fantastic Beasts films), the Wizarding World has become an instantly recognized and solidly iconic shorthand for a certain kind of magical storytelling. That makes it perfect for DIY costumers. Here are a few suggestions to start with.

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1. Harry, Ron, & Hermione DIY Harry Potter Costumes

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Dressing like anyone from Hogwarts is pretty easy, but the Gryffindor set are the ones everyone thinks of first. All you need is a white collared shirt, black slacks, a red tie, and a robe — and boom, you're instantly in Gryffindor. Add Hermione’s books, Harry’s glasses, or Ron’s broomstick, and you’re one of the stars. Wands are optional, unless you’re expecting dementors or Draco to turn up at the party.

2. Newt Scamander DIY Harry Potter Costume

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Switch it up with slightly more timely wizardly costume by throwing together Newt Scamander's iconic outfit from Fantastic Beasts. A turquoise peacoat, a Hufflepuff striped scarf, and a briefcase comprise this look. And don’t forget your cute little Niffler.

3. Hogwarts Professor DIY Harry Potter Costume

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Hogwarts professors, especially in the movies, tend to default to robes and hats. The joke, of course, is that they favor the old school witch gear, making pointed hats and long black robes at least understandable, if not trendy. Even if you want to go full Umbridge, dressing as a Hogwarts professor is pretty easy to pull off.

4. Hogwarts Student DIY Harry Potter Costume

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The easiest look in the book is to dress like a Hogwarts student. Get a red, green, blue, or yellow tie a matching scarf, a white collared shirt, and a knitted vest and you're immediately recognizable as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Wands, in this case, will be mandatory.

5. Dumbledore DIY Harry Potter Costume

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Once upon a time, Dumbledore was a complicated mess of purple robes and specific wizard beards. No longer! Fantastic Beasts has made him a dapper chap, with a fedora and high collared coat over three piece suiting.

6. The Golden Snitch DIY Harry Potter Costume

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The Golden Snitch is the most popular non-character Potter costume. It's easy to put together: Just grab a black and gold robe and a pair of golden wings! Since this is a sort of abstract costume, you can put your own cute/sexy/humorous flair on it.

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