'Gossip Girl' uncharacteristically didn't show Audrey and Max hooking up in Episode 2.

Wait — Did These 2 Gossip Girl Characters Secretly Hook Up?

And if so, why did viewers not get to see it?!

by Dylan Kickham

HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot is only just getting started, but the sexual drama is already so messy. From love triangles to mind games to secret hookups, the new crop of Upper East Siders are already bringing the heat, and it should as no surprise that Chuck Bass’ playboy successor Max Wolfe is the hookup king. Max’s wandering eye caused a lot of friction in the second episode, but in an uncharacteristic move for Gossip Girl, one of his implied sexual escapades didn’t get any screen time. So, did Audrey and Max really hook up on Gossip Girl, or was it just a tease?

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 2, “She’s Having a Maybe.” From the jump, it was immediately clear there is something going on between the flirtatious libertine Max and the stuck-in-a-rut couple, Audrey and Aki. Max shared some very sexually charged moments with both Audrey and Aki in the series premiere, and in Episode 2, he finally acted on them. In an attempt to make his dismissive Classics teacher jealous, Max shared a steamy makeout session with Aki in a bathhouse, which Aki seemed to really enjoy. But his girlfriend seemed to enjoy even more of Max later on in the episode. After an intense fight with Aki about her mother, Audrey woke up the next morning with Max getting dressed in her bedroom. Just like Aki made Max promise not to tell anyone about their makeout, Audrey warned Max against saying anything about their heavily implied hookup.


The weird thing about the Audrey and Max situation is that their possible hookup wasn’t shown. You’d think a show like Gossip Girl, which is basically powered by sex scenes, wouldn’t miss the chance to show two of the main characters banging for the first time on camera. It’s possible the scene was only meant to make viewers think the two had sex. That said, it really did seem like the hookup happened, and it’s not really a surprise since Audrey and Max have been flirting nonstop since the show began.

The real question moving forward is how this love triangle will work out. Aki doesn’t seem like the jealous type — he even told Audrey she could think of Max while they had sex — but his own feelings for St. Jude’s resident bad boy could make things complicated. TBH, every Gossip Girl fan knows a threesome has to be on its way, like the iconic one the original series had with Hilary Duff. And just like that threesome led to Dan and Vanessa’s breakup, this one could wind up being the breaking point for Audrey and Aki.

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