Robin Williams' Deleted Scenes From 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Will Give You Chills

by Taylor Ortega
Twentieth Century Fox



*slips in a puddle of my own tears, and breaks all 206 bones*

It turns out earlier cuts of the 1993 film “Mrs. Doubtfire” -- already a bittersweet story about the love of a divorced actor father, Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) -- were even more emotional than the final product.

Deleted footage recently surfaced online, and, no, the footage isn't bloopers from the face-in-the-cake scene.

For the most part, the scenes detail the contentious relationship between Daniel and his ex, Miranda Hillard (Sally Field).

During childhood, it wasn't as obvious we watched two of the best actors in the game deliver heartbreakingly nuanced performances, but now, 23 years later, the emotions are here to punch us in our guts.

Hope you're in the mood for a catharsis of epic proportions.