'Degrassi' Is Officially Back And Ready To Take On The Next Generation

by Katie Corvino

Growing up watching "Degrassi: The Next Generation" was a life-changing experience for me.

I remember coming home after school and being glued to my TV screen, anxiously waiting for the weekly episodes to begin. I was totally obsessed. I mean, could you blame me?

This show tackled every issue in the book. It basically is the reason I survived middle school. How could I have gotten through the hardest years of my life without JT, Manny, Craig and Paige? IDK, man. IDK.

Whether you're a returning fan or completely new to the show, I have some BIG news. Season 15 of "Degrassi" hits Netflix Friday, January 15, and we couldn't be more excited.

"Degrassi: Next Class" will focus on the lives and stories of Generation Z. It's the same "Degrassi" we all know and love... but totally revamped.

Returning cast members Ana Golja (who plays Zoe Rivas), Ricardo Hoyos (who plays Zig Novak) and Sara Waisglass (who plays Frankie Hollingsworth) spoke with Elite Daily about what we can look forward to this season.

Golja explained her character (Zoe) used to be an actress for "West Drive" before coming to Degrassi Community School. In Season 13, Zoe was sexually assaulted at a party, and since has been carrying the emotional weight of her experience.

In this upcoming season, you can see her struggle with not knowing who she is and wanting to be something she isn't.

Waisglass shared her character (Frankie) is the younger sister of Miles and extremely devoted to her family. She still lives at home and has a difficult relationship with her father who, at times, is abusive.

Waisglass explained in the upcoming season, there's a continued focus around her family and the conflicts that arise from it.

Additionally, Hoyos discussed how his character (Zig) came from a troubled past but has cleaned up his act in the new season.

Fans will be able to follow his relationship with Maya and some of the drama they'll face as a couple.

When asked about what kinds of issues the show tackles now in comparison to previous seasons, Golja said,

This season is still the same 'Degrassi' everyone knows and loves...Our tagline is 'fresh but familiar,' so we're still tackling the same issues that this show has always dealt with...sexual consent, yes means yes, mental health and racism, feminism, drugs….but were able to execute them in a way that’s very raw and genuine and relevant to teens today.

Waisglass added,

We don’t have to hold back anymore.

Hoyos told us social media will definitely play a role in the new series.

Technology is constantly advancing, so we're able to tackle new stories we never have before. We almost have to cover them because that's what kids are doing today. Everything is on their phones.

The cast added it truly is an honor for the season to be on Netflix. Waisglass told us,

I think everyone is really gonna love it, especially because making it was such a special experience.

Check out the trailer below and get PUMPED to binge-watch "Degrassi: Next Class" on Netflix all night long.