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12 Pics That Prove David Beckham Really Is 'The Sexiest Man Alive' (Photos)

EVERYONE, LISTEN UP. I have some very important news to share with you all.

I suggest you prepare a cold compress for your entire body before reading any further, because the chances of you fainting or falling off your chair are very likely.

All set? Good. I'm happy to announce the beautiful David Beckham has officially been voted People's "Sexiest Man Alive."


As happy as I am for him, I'm not surprised one bit. David Beckham literally came out of the womb a babe magnet.

He's a proud father, devoted husband and former professional athlete. He epitomizes sexiness in every way, shape and form.

He breathes sexy. His name is even sexy.

However, David was apparently pretty surprised by the honor.

He told People Magazine,

I never feel that I'm an attractive, sexy person.

LOL. David, do you own a mirror?

The only thing sexier than David Beckham is David Beckham being unaware of his own sexiness. I feel a bit faint, someone grab me an icepack.

To help show David why this is a well-deserved recognition, I present you with 12 photos that prove he is indeed the sexiest man alive.

1. Look at how handsome he looks on the cover of People Magazine. Do you see how he's grabbing the collar of his shirt like he just wants to rip it off? Sh*t.

2. Here, shirtless David is emerging from the water like goddamn Poseidon.

3. He's cuddly, too. Just picture those tattooed, strong arms wrapped around you. I'd probably get the best sleep of my life.

4. Print this pic out and hang it on your ceiling. Your life will be changed forever, trust me.

5. David is the king of scruff. Look at those cheeks and that perfectly chiseled jawbone. He's scruffy AF.

6. Oh, wow. I seem to have lost my train of thought.

7. Yup, yes. His fingers are in fact running through his own hair. Take a moment to really soak this in.

8. Two words: Boxer. Briefs.

9. Every angle of his body is a work of art. His biceps probably have a mind of their own.

10. Oh. My. God.

11. Every man should strive to bend it like Beckham.

12. Congratulations on this achievement, you sexy hunk. You deserve it more than anyone. Seriously.

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