Dave Grohl Confronts Foo Fighters Breakup Rumors With The Perfect Video

by Taylor Ortega

Dave Grohl proved he can do stuff without his besties (OK?!) Sunday evening when he gave a solo performance of The Beatles' “Blackbird” during the "In Memoriam" segment at the Oscars.

Following the ceremony, rumors began to circulate regarding Grohl's potential solo career and the Foo Fighters' possible impending demise.

Yesterday, the band alluded to a big announcement before releasing a video on their YouTube documenting Grohl's decision to strike out on his own and the remaining members' struggle to find another lead singer.

The spoof succeeded in accomplishing two vital things:

1. Dispelling breakup rumors. At the video's end, the band wrote,

For the millionth time, we're not breaking up. And nobody's going f*cking solo!

2. Reminding us Nick Lachey has a voice like sweet, smooth, melted butter.

The magic of the Foo Fighters lives on for 22 years and, thankfully, counting.

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