This 'GOT' Theory Claims Dany Will Kill Cersei For The Throne

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 7 has been a bit of an oddball. The pacing is different, for one thing, due to the length. The sheer amount of forward plot momentum in early episodes is another. But the strangest part of this season is the lack of deaths we've had, other than a few bush-league extra beta characters. Compare that to Season 6, where characters died by the dozens, and it feels really weird. Fans are starting to get antsy for big A list deaths, leading to some more off the wall questions, such as: will Daenerys kill Cersei?

Did you sigh heavily just now? Because I sure did. There are so many super interesting ways for Cersei to go out, from Tyrion killing her in an act of revenge a lifetime in the making, to Jaime snapping and taking her out the way he did Aerys Targaryen, to Arya fulfilling another name on her list, to the baby inside her being the valonqar we never thought of.

But no, some people want the most boring answer there is, and that's having Daenerys kill Cersei just to gain the Iron Throne. Seriously? Of all the twists and turns this show could give us, you wanna go with that one?


Here's the thing: yes, Dany is about to fly into that Dragon Pit like she owns the continent, with at least one, if not two dragons in tow. Yes, her entire army just rolled up outside of King's Landing, in a show of  how to hog all the valet parking the Lannisters put aside for this conference, and force all other parties into overflow parking out on Blackwater Bay.

But kill Cersei? Unless Olenna imparted wisdom of how to murder monarchs in broad daylight in front of thousands of witnesses and have nobody notice, I don't think so.

Not to mention that Jon Snow would be appalled. The entire point of the last episode was for Daenerys to see the Night King, and have the war that Jon faces become her war in an extremely personal way. The scene afterwards on the boat, as they bonded, suggests Daenerys is going to care mightily about Jon's opinion.

He's already told her that if she keeps playing the game of thrones old school style, then she's not cool or different or worth his time. Olenna was an old school game of thrones player. She's dead because of that, because she wasn't ready to pivot to the new world. Dany can't follow in her footsteps.

So no, we don't think Dany will be doing in Cersei this week. Tyrion and/or Jaime (and/or the baby) could, on the other hand. But even if Cersei does not survive until Season 8, we get the sense that resolving who sits on that melted lump of swords in the Red Keep after she's gone will wait until the Night King has been dealt with first.