John Mayer Interviewed The Now-Famous Dancing Super Bowl Sharks (Video)

John Mayer guest-hosted "The Late Late Show" earlier this week, and he managed to get the dancing sharks from the Super Bowl to appear on the show.

Mayer was probably able to get these two major stars as guests due to their connection with Mayer's on again/off again girlfriend, Katy Perry.

A man claiming to be a marine biologist, played by comedian Brian Huskey, joined the sharks. When Mayer tried to ask the sharks a question, Huskey said,

They can't talk, John. They're sharks. They're not dolphins.

Mayer then asked the sharks to dance, but apparently, they won't perform for anything less than $100,000.

So, while the sharks' appearance may have been a little underwhelming, it was still fun to see them on a late-night talk show.

And I have to say, John Mayer did a pretty good job in the role. He could have a real future there.

Check out the clip above.

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