Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Kill At 'Friends' Trivia

A lot of people know a lot of trivia about the greatest sitcom ever, but the stars of "Friends" may just know the most.

After all, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox lived it.

Their episode of "Celebrity Name Game" will air on September 20, but the two also faced off in a very special bonus round of "Friends" trivia.


The questions were almost too easy for the stars.

There was only one answer that trip the team up, but they deserved credit for it anyway. "Naked Ugly Guy" is basically the same as "Ugly Naked Guy." It's all logistics.


Also on point? Cox's impression of David Schwimmer. Though when you work with someone who plays your brother for ten years you probably learn a lot about the way they carry themselves.

Seeing Cox and Kudrow together again pulls at the old heartstrings.

Can we have an official "Friends" reunion, please? It's been a whole 12 years since the show ended, and we are dying for more.

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