I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
Cathy Ang as Lily Goldblatt in And Just Like That

Fans Think There's A Major Gossip Girl Easter Egg In And Just Like That

Does Lily go to Constance?!

by Ani Bundel

When And Just Like That landed on HBO Max at the beginning of December, it was a significant debut for the streaming service. Really, only one series premiere had hype that rivaled it: the return of Gossip Girl. These two New York City-set stories, each focusing on the city's fashionably dressed, wealthy residents, are a natural pairing with one another. In fact, they’re so similar in time, place, and subject matter that they could conceivably be set in the same universe. That’s why fans’ assumption that Gossip Girl’s Constance Billard-St. Jude’s School is in And Just Like That is actually plausible.

Warning: Mild spoilers for And Just Like That Episode 4 follow. Since the SATC reboot debuted, Charlotte has been obsessed with one of the “cool” mothers, Lisa, whose kids go to school with Lily and Rose. Episode 4 was the first time the two women ran into each other at the actual school during a daytime event, which means fans got to see the exclusive place Charlotte’s kids attend from the outside.

The conversations and events that follow aren’t what’s important here; it’s the building that’s behind them. It’s an old-fashioned building, the kind that’s likely been accepting old money New York kids for generations.


Notably, the columns look suspiciously similar to another very tony institution that has been front and center in another beloved HBO Max revival.


It seems as if they two shows used the same revered location for its school sets. The Museum of the City of New York has been Gossip Girl’s main stand-in for Constance Billard since the original 2007 series began, and the revival has kept with this tradition. Similarly, And Just Like That reportedly also used the Museum of the City of New York as a filming location; seemingly, as the set for Lily and Rose’s school.

But is the set actually supposed to be Constance Billard-St. Jude's in And Just Like That? TBH, probs not. Chances are, this is just a case of two shows with common aesthetics whose set scouts looked at the courtyard in front of the museum and said, “Gilded Age-era building; this’ll do.” The idea that Lily is attending a school where the teachers are running an Instagram scam to keep the bad apples in line seems unlikely. (Charlotte, for one, would be appalled.)

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But if there were ever an opportunity for a GG-AJLT crossover, this shared location is the perfect way to make that happen. Imagine Charlotte sticking her head into Lily’s room to tell her and her friends that it’s time for dinner, and Julien and Audrey are there looking back at her. Or what if the York-Goldblatts find themselves attending Passover seder with the Waldorfs? Twitter might just implode.

And Just Like That continues with new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max. Gossip Girl Season 1 is also streaming on the same service.