Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Fave Things From Restaurants In NYC And California


It's common knowledge that Chrissy Teigen has great taste. I mean, she married John Legend, after all.

But because we need specifics and everyone appreciates a good restaurant tip, Chrissy revealed all her faves via Twitter on Monday. Of course, she doled them out in her trademark hilarious style, giving us a side dish of funny with our main course of recommendations.

Here's the story, from appetizers to dessert.

Somewhat out of nowhere, Chrissy Teigen launched her own version of Oprah's Favorite Things.

She opened up with some recommendations for those with refined palettes.

She told us where to go for some good Italian eats and coffee.

Then you've got your Chrissy-approved, classy hangover food.

And your not-so-classy hangover food.

Chrissy took a moment to remind us how lucky we are to be receiving this grade-A information.

Because we've all got to keep our model bodies in check, she gave us these healthy foodie joints. Surprise: They are all in LA.

However carb-phobic Angelenos may seem, there are still amazing indulgences to be found in LA.

Tatsu. For. Life. It's pretty much the most popular spot in SoCal on the one day a year it rains here.

Some were looking for some bread basket love, and Chrissy did her best to accommodate.

She partakes in KFC every now and then, so you know she's a real human.

She dips her steak fries in ranch. Like a BOSS.

Actually, she has lots of opinions on ranch.

You can't forget dessert.

Chrissy Teigen loves desserts.

Like, all the desserts.

I'm pretty sure she just put Claim Jumper back in business with one tweet.

But what is her favorite pizza place?! Nice try, but Chrissy is no fool.