Chris Pratt Is The One Celebrity You Need To Follow On Snapchat

There are lots of reasons you should start following Chris Pratt on Snapchat today, if you're not following him already.

Number one: It's his birthday. Chris Pratt turns 37 years old today. What better gift to give him than the gift of a larger social media reach? (Though that might be more of a gift for his PR team.)

Number two: He kind of needs your help. Christ Pratt, while I love him dearly, does not fully understand how Snapchat works. Perhaps more followers will encourage him to step up his game. And hey, you can send him a few snaps just in case and lead by example.

Number three, and this is the most important reason: His Snaps are just as delightful and hilarious as you'd expect.

His username is ChrisPrattSnap, so get on that already! (Again, you're welcome, Chris Pratt PR team. I accept payment in the form of movie screenings and Twitter follows.)

Here is a taste of what you will be getting on a semi-regular basis after you follow him.

Chris dancing solely with his head to '80s pop songs.

Chris making the best damn use of this Snapchat filter I have ever seen.

Chris working out and making very dorky jokes that are still funny because it's him.

Chris working out, period.

Chris live-snapping taking out his garbage.

Chris struggling to keep up with the Snapchat video time limit.

Chris struggling with Snapchat in general.

Just really, really struggling.


Update : จาก Snapchat ของ Chris Pratt ครับคราวนี้มาสั่นเคราให้ทุกคนดูเป็นขวัญตา pic.twitter.com/0Ynry9f4sT — Chris Pratt (@chrispratt_bth) April 30, 2016

If that doesn't convince you guys to follow him, I don't know what will.

Again, that's @ChrisPrattSnap. You're welcome for this birthday present, Chris.