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Chris Hemsworth Giving This Fan A Sexy Massage Will Make You Super Jealous

Wednesday is Administrative Professionals' Day, and what better way to show appreciation for your administrators than to have Chris Hemsworth massage them?

While on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Ellen had Mr. Thor himself surprise a huge fan while she was working her job at Warner Bros.

She takes it pretty well and wastes no time in suggesting Chris take his clothes off. Chris even gives her a little massage to thank her for all her hard work.

Apparently, at some point, the rest of her co-workers realize there's an Australian god in their office and come over to investigate what exactly is going on in that cubicle.

Then the whole administrative department gets a surprise party with Chris, tequila shots included. Call it research for Chris' role as a secretary in the upcoming "Ghostbusters" remake.

Although, I'm not sure any work would get done in an office with a secretary who looks like him.

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