Chris Brown Under Investigation For Reportedly Punching A Woman In The Face

Chris Brown is once again under investigation for assault after a woman accused the rapper of punching her in the face.

TMZ reports the alleged victim, Liziane Gutierrez, attended a party of Brown's in a private suite at Las Vegas' Palms Hotel early Saturday morning.

The woman reportedly snuck her cell phone into the party past Brown's security and took a picture of the rapper. She claims he then stole her phone and punched her in the eye.

Gutierrez allegedly left the party and called the police a few hours later.

The Las Vegas Police Department confirms officers were sent to the hotel to investigate the victim's claims. However, they were denied entrance to Brown's suite and later determined the rapper had left the premises.

An investigation into the alleged assault and theft (of Gutierrez's cell phone) is underway. Brown remains the sole suspect, but his rep insists the victim's claims are “undeniably untrue.”

Let's be real, though — it wouldn't be the first time Chris Brown took his aggressions out on a woman. Once a douchebag, always a douchebag.

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