Cher And James Corden Rewrite Her Hit For Millennials

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

Cher is not of this earth, but we will forever greet her as our one, true Overlord.

The entertainment icon, who is either 70, 19 or infinity years old, visited “The Late Late Show” Thursday evening to perform a version of her “Sonny and Cher” era hit, “I Got You Babe,” updated for a Millennial audience.

You hear that, Millennials? Cher is pandering to us. We are not worthy, but chalk it up to the magic of late night television and try not to take it for granted.

The Academy/Grammy/Emmy Award winner and host James Corden pulled double Cher duty during a rendition of “I Got You Bae,” which featured lyrics like,

Woah. Sexy. The pair's decision to perform as two Chers, rather than Sonny and Cher, is also inspired and, let's be honest, twice as sexy. Cher really was right when she famously compared men to dessert.

In her words,

You know what you do need to live? Two Chers. Two beautiful Chers, singing in wigs.

This performance opens up a world of revamp possibilities. Let's see a remake of “Moonstruck” where, instead of slapping James and yelling “Snap out of it!” Cher daps and tells him to stay woke.

This is not the first time Corden's invited one of our idols to update her greatest hit. Last year, Alanis Morisette retooled "Ironic" and you bet your sweet ass the duo performed it as two Alanises.

Keep your fingers crossed, people. A two-Celine performance of "My Heart Will Pokémon Go On" could be sprung on us at any moment.

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