Charlize Theron plays Clea in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.'

Charlize Theron's IG Pic Confirms Which Marvel Hero She Plays

It doesn't take a third eye to see she's going to be a big deal in future films.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe officially has one more sorcerer, as Charlize Theron finally confirmed the truth about her magical Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cameo. Theron surprised viewers by popping up in the film’s mid-credits scene, and although superfans of the Marvel Comics may have guessed who she was playing, the movie never revealed her mysterious character’s name. It didn’t take long for her to address all the rumors, though; Theron confirmed she played Clea in Doctor Strange 2 on Instagram a few days after the multiverse-shattering movie’s premiere.

Theron’s appearance was one of the many big surprises in Doctor Strange 2. Decked out in a sleek purple supersuit, Theron’s character suddenly appeared through a portal in the film’s mid-credits scene, recruiting Stephen Strange to enter the Dark Dimension with her to resolve an incursion he caused. It didn’t take long for Marvel fans to recognize the character as Clea, an important inhabitant of the Dark Dimension with a very strong link to Strange in the comics, and Theron confirmed that to be true in an Instagram post on May 10.

“Meet Clea,” she simply wrote underneath a close-up of her striking purple eye makeup.

Clea is a massively important character in Stephen Strange’s comic-book lore. As the niece of the Dark Dimension’s ruler Dormammu (who served as the main antagonist in the first Doctor Strange movie), Clea has a long history of struggling to overthrow her all-powerful uncle, usually recruiting Strange’s help. Eventually, Clea actually became the ruler of the Dark Dimension herself.

Most important of all, though, is Clea’s relationship with Doctor Strange. The two fell in love with one another in the comics, and although their allegiances to separate dimensions often kept them apart, they ended up getting married in the end. It’s safe to assume future Marvel movies will explore a similar romantic connection between Strange and Clea, especially since Multiverse of Madness saw Strange finally accepting that his relationship with Christine Palmer could no longer be romantic.

So get ready for a lot more Marvel magic, because Clea is definitely going to conjure up something wild in the next Doctor Strange outing.