#CharlesIsA: 4 Theories Behind The Big 'Pretty Little Liars' Reveal

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The long-awaited "Pretty Little Liars" season finale took place last night, and the writers essentially broke the Internet with plot twists — but not for the reason you might think.

The past weeks leading up to this episode were filled with all sorts of teasers sporting the hashtag #BigAReveal, leading fans to believe we would finally know the identity of the show's uber villain, the mysterious A.

Cast members had gone on record saying the reveal would change the show forever and the identity of A was sadder and more upsetting than anything else.

These tidbits allowed us to think A might be someone we trusted, a character we've grown to love.

We "PLL" fans are known for our own detective work, and in the days leading up to the finale, we desperately tried to put the pieces together to come to our own conclusions.

Several popular theories were circulating the Internet prior to the show's finale.

The finale itself, however, gave us new questions more than anything else. The new popular hashtag says it all: #CharlesIsA.

But, who the f*ck is Charles?!

The episode led us to think Charles might be the twin brother of Jason DiLaurentis, especially since Spencer stumbled upon a home video of two blonde boys with the late Jessica DiLaurentis.

The show has been dropping twin hints for a while now, and Executive Producer Marlene King herself has told us we may eventually see double.

Truthfully, though, it's no fun if this Charles character is a random guy we have never seen before — even with the inevitable backstory that must ensue. No, actually, it's only truly sick and twisted if Charles is a character we already know.

Here are four possibilities for Charles' real identity:

1. Andrew Campbell

Andrew has been shady since the day we met him; he always seems to pop up at the most suspicious moments.

We strongly suspect he was the one launching arrows at Ezra and Caleb due to his "pathfinder" status, and it's clear he is obsessed with Aria and her friends.

Andrew never asked any questions when Aria brought him into the madness that is her world, which seems odd in and of itself. The four liars are not exactly your typical teenagers.

Andrew seems like a guy who was used to playing sports and studying, and suddenly, he's being asked to follow people and hide in cars — and he's totally chill with it? Hmm...

Furthermore, let's not forget A's lair was found at a farm called Campbell's Farm. In Rosewood, coincidence is a word you don't hear very often — and for good reason.

2. Wren Kingston

If Wren turns out to be Charles, it would be sick and twisted, considering it would make him the half-brother of Spencer and Melissa. We need a chart for this crazy family tree!

Wren has been on the top of many fans' A-lists for a long time, as he has the medical skills to pull off a lot of A's deranged "gifts."

The show has also dropped some England-themed hints, like the message from A, which read, "Nosey bitches die," utilizing the British spelling of the word "nosy."

Wren has been shady since the very first episode of the series, and it would make sense if he turned out to be the villain we've feared all along.

3. Lucas Gottesman

Lucas has also been a suspicious character since the first time we met him. We know he hates Alison and he has strong ties to Mona.

There's a theory floating around the Internet that focuses on Lucas's last name. This theory clings to the fact that there seem to be some German references throughout the show ("Uber" A and the World War I gas mask, to name a few).

Lucas is the only character with a last name of German origin. To add insult to injury, his last name translates to "Man of God." Creepy.

4. Caleb Rivers

While this theory is definitely an unpopular one, we can't fully rule Caleb out just yet.

Caleb is the only main character with the actual hacker skills to believably pull off A's game.

The fact that we don't know a lot about his past (not to mention, his involvement with the sister-town Ravenswood) just proves he could have more connections to the DiLaurentis family than we think.

"PLL" is the kind of show that likes to shock us when we least expect it.

At this point, we know who A is, but we don't know who he is. Because of this, anyone and everyone is still a suspect.