Channing Tatum Just Proved He'll Literally Do Anything For His Wife Jenna


Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are not real. I refuse to believe such a flawless couple could exist.

Their entire relationship is a giant middle finger to every other relationship ever.

How are the rest of us uggos supposed to convince ourselves our trash dumps of a love life are worth their weight in reheated Pad Thai and seven continuous hours of “The West Wing” on Netflix when effing Channing and Jenna are there showing us how love is REALLY done.

Before you judge me for overreacting about the death of achievable love, let me remind you this is the same couple who did THIS on live TV.

Now that we've established I'm undeniably correct about them being the Shaq and Kobe of love, feast your lonely eyes on this cute sh*t Channing did for Jenna.

He made pedicures happen, y'all!

Channing Tatum and his wife are goals he gave her a pedicure at the nail salon pic.twitter.com/sweCcRvhzb — Kayla Statham (@_KayMakenzie) May 3, 2016

This wasn't even her birthday or anything. This was just Channing being Channing, and I know this because they historically do THIS crap on her birthday.

It's like all this couple does is get their feet professionally treated and name their baby after fake coat companies -- I'm sorry but Everly sounds like a fake coat company.

That and have BONKERS amounts of the best looking sex of all time.

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