Channing Tatum Singing While Dressed As A Sexy Sailor Will Make Your Day

If your bank of sexual fantasies is running low, never fear: Channing Tatum is here to make a sexy deposit into your account, sailor outfit included.

In a clip from the Coen brothers' upcoming film “Hail, Caesar!” Tatum sings “No Dames” as character Burt Gurney, a dim-witted sailor with the face of a goddamn angel.

The 35-year-old visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week and told the host,

It was pretty much like three sentences [in the script]… And it wasn't supposed to be a six-minute long song and [tap] dance -- both of which I can't do. But I'm very happy with it.

He sings, he dances and he wears the hell out of an outfit famously modeled by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

“Hail, Caesar!” hits theaters February 5, but this clip of Channing Tatum is available for repeat viewings right. f*cking. now.

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