Chad Johnson Throws Shade At Co-Stars In Heated Rant

Ever since Chad Johnson was kicked off of "Bachelor In Paradise" for his wild antics, the 29-year-old bachelor has been making it known that he couldn't care less about his TV co-stars.

Johnson recently took to Twitter to let the world know that he actually blocked every single cast member from the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" series.

Here's the tweet that kicked off Chad Johnson's heated rant.

That's a lot of blocked Twitter accounts, Chad.

"Bachelor In Paradise" contestant Nick Viall confirmed being blocked by Chad in a tweet of his own.

Just before blocking him, Chad tweeted this.

Chad's Twitter rant continued with shots being fired at "Bachelor In Paradise" host Chris Harrison.

In addition to blocking everyone, insulting host Chris Harrison and threatening Nick Viall, Chad even called out his own ex-friend Daniel Maguire during his Twitter rant.

This isn't the first time Johnson's been this outspoken. There was the time Chad threatened to show up at Jordan Rodgers' house and beat him up.

Oh, and remember Chad vs. Evan?

It's safe to say Chad Johnson has a serious track record of firing off rants and insults at his fellow co-stars, which makes even more sense now as to why he would go and block all of them on Twitter.

Smart move, Chad... Now take a damn chill pill!

Despite Johnson excessively hitting the block button like a madman, it doesn't seem like the 29-year-old luxury real estate agent has ANY plans of toning down his threats and insults.

For now, it looks like the only person Chad Johnson doesn't hold any hostility toward is Josh Murray.

With the exception of Nick Viall, none of the other "Bachelor In Paradise" contestants have responded to Chad Johnson's vicious Twitter rants -- but it's only a matter of time before they do!

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