Zendaya Slams Twitter Account For Hateful Post About A Makeup Artist


Teen star Zendaya just proved (once again) she's one of the coolest chicks in Hollywood.

Earlier this year, Zendaya called out E! host Giuliana Rancic for making a racist on-air comment about the star's dreadlocked hair. It became a major controversy, and many media outlets hailed Zendaya for speaking up.

Yesterday, the 18-year-old struck again.

Twitter account Manstagram, known for its intentionally sexist, misogynistic commentary, tweeted a photo shaming a YouTube makeup artist who goes by Shannon.

The rude caption on the before-and-after photo insinuates, without makeup, women aren't beautiful.

It wasn't long before Zendaya fired back with a sassy response.

Over the course of two days, her post was favorited more than 12,000 times. Manstagram, of course, declined to respond or defend itself because there's really no way to defend unwarranted assholery.

Manstagram's beauty-shaming victim, Shannon, quickly replied to Zendaya, thanking her for “[sticking] up for women.”

Unfortunately, the photo is still up on Manstagram's account along with a slew of other equally disgusting posts, such as the one below.

Some people never learn.

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