Zayn Malik Reveals The Reason He Decided To Shave His Head & It's Pretty Surprising

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

If you recently mourned the loss of Zayn Malik's hair, you weren't alone. Zayn unexpectedly shaved all of his hair off, showing off a bald head in a recent Facebook pic with girlfriend Gigi Hadid and his mom. Why did Zayn Malik shave his head? The reason is pretty surprising, but he's explaining all to clear up any confusion.

No, Zayn isn't leaning into going bald and embracing the chrome dome, it was completely done out of necessity. You see, his head of beautiful hair finally fell victim to some major over-abuse. We're talking about all the hair colors he's tried out. You know that hair dye takes its toll after awhile and you're eventually left with a head of damaged locks.

It's not cute.

So Zayn made a total fresh start, taking the clippers to his head and removing all the damaged stuff to make way for what I can only imagine will be even more beautiful and lustrous when it all grows back.

So, here's the story. Zayn told Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 the real reason for shaving his head, explaining: “I just shaved my head because I'd bleached it too many times and it was a bit destroyed. The bleach affects your hair, doesn't it, so you've got to shave it off.”

Turns out Zayn has some ambitious hair follicles, because he said it's already making a comeback. He told the radio host: “It grows back straight away anyways, so I've got hair now anyway, it only took two days!”

When Zayn first shaved his head, there were a fair amount of surprised fan responses, as many were saddened to see it go. Some fans were in complete despair, such as one fan who tweeted: “Where's Zayn's hair, I'm gonna cry.”

One Twitter user took an opportunity to pause and remind everyone of one of Zayn's finest 'dos ever. Ah, memories:

Another person commented: “zayn took the 'zayn will always look good with any hair style' way too seriously,” while another Twitter user made the always painful One Direction comparison, tweeting: “Even zayn's hair left.” Ouch. That still hurts a little bit, doesn't it?

Another fan found the perfect Taylor Swift-related joke to make about the death of Zayn's hair. Seriously, this is so well played:

One fan on Twitter pointed to how all-around talented Zayn is, even when it comes to his hair, tweeting: “He can grow his hair in two days too? Seriously what the f*ck can't Zayn Malik do.”

Life will go on, hair will grow, and Zayn will no doubt try out another color to mix things up. So be assured that the bald bit isn't going to be around for long.

Back to his interview, Zayn talked about what he likes to watch on Netflix when traveling (documentaries!), and how it works having multiple homes and coming back to find some interesting things in his refrigerator. Oh, the price to pay for being mega-famous.

He also talked about working with Sia on his new song, "Dusk Till Dawn" and it turns out he didn't actually get to meet her! He explained, “Hopefully in the future, I'll get to meet her.”

Zayn also admitted he didn't initially have Sia in mind when he wrote the song, explaining, “This was kind of weird because I wrote the song, I didn't really have much in mind for it, and then it came to me maybe like a month after I had the song. I was like 'Sia would sound really good on this.'” His manager played it for her and she liked it and wanted to collaborate with Zayn.