Twitter Freaks Out After Zayn Malik Calls Naughty Boy A 'Fat Joke'

by Adam Pliskin

It seems like the Zayn Malik saga will never die.

Now, Zayn called out Naughty Boy, and Directioners are going crazy about it on Twitter.

It appeared Malik and Naughty Boy, a music producer, were working together after Malik left One Direction.

But now, it seems they've had a falling out as Malik had some pretty harsh words for Naughty Boy. This might have something to do with the leaking of a video of Malik's solo cover, "No Type."

Here's what Malik tweeted:

@NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you . — zaynmalik (@zaynmalik) July 13, 2015

Naturally, this made Malik fans across the land go apeshit. Some were in favor of Malik, and others thought he went too far this time.

The issue has become so divisive, #ZaynHasNoChill, whatever that means, is trending on Twitter.

And here are some of their reactions on the ol' tweet machine:

OMFG THE FANDOM MADE A SHIRT ALREADY HAHA #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/feojFZxiLV — best harry pics (@thestylesfandom) July 13, 2015
YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT FANDOM WHEN THIS HAPPENS #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/SLPq2XuG0y — natalie // fb  (@zaynbaabe) July 13, 2015
"Your fat joke stop pretending that we are friends, nobody knows you" #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/WxSweMgt4w — Maryfleck13 (@maryfleck13) July 13, 2015
everyone right now #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/yMPQ9BlJcQ — michelle (@94cities) July 13, 2015
Me when I came online and saw #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/NMENjVNShz — Vic | #DirtyWork (@VicGeraldine) July 13, 2015
He's got no control, NO CONTROL woah woah #ZAYNHASNOCHILL X — Up 'Til Midnight (@UTMWorld) July 13, 2015
I do not support @zaynmalik and his tweets. They were rude and uncalled for. Everyone is praising him when he bullied naughty boy — bullying stops here (@lets_stop_here) July 13, 2015
what a beautiful thing to wake up to i was wondering why the sun was shining a little brighter than usual https://t.co/4UJs9uriKj — deep heat (@metaboliam) July 13, 2015
"Zayn got hacked" "Zayn is returning to 1d" "He's in a fight with nb" "It was all pr stunt" #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/wDMWW8v1iX — aleksandra (@stylesbeautyx) July 13, 2015
Today, we honor someone we thought we had lost. Welcome home, zayn. You're safe now. #ZAYNHASNOCHILL pic.twitter.com/T8kBgO9jfN — LIAM FOOKING PAYNE (@liams_abs) July 13, 2015

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