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Zayn Malik Cooking For Gigi Hadid Is The Most Adorable Thing Ever

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid — a legitimate celeb couple who are definitely in actual love and not a publicity pairing or two sex cyborgs trying to pass as real humans — decided to cook up some fried chicken together. Yummy!

The pop star prepared some crispy, flakey, white meat goodness for his model girlfriend on Wednesday night.

Gigi posted evidence of her man's culinary skills on Snapchat while he sweat it out over the stove.

Snapchat/Gigi Hadid

Zayn's talent for feeding a room and looking MIGHTY FINE doin' it extends far beyond fried chicken.

In September, he told Elle,

I like cooking Italian food, I like cooking spaghetti bolognese and I love cooking curries, because obviously that's my background, my mum cooks a lot of curries.

If this means I get to sit back and populate my Snapchat story while a beautiful man with a voice like brownie batter fills my kitchen with the smell of hot oil, I'd do dinner at Zayn's any damn day.

Did you hear that, Zayn? You can cook for me, finally. It's just like you've always wanted.

You are welcome.

(I like potatoes.)

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