Who Is Donald Glover Dating? Here's Everything We Know

by Ani Bundel

In the Primetime Emmy Awards Comedy category, there is only one first time nominee: Atlanta, the FX series that is produced, written by and stars Donald Glover, who first hit the small screen in a big way with NBC's Community. Glover's show is not only nominated as Best Comedy, but he himself is personally nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy, as well as Best Writer and Best Director. But what we want to know is, who is his date for the Red Carpet? Is Donald Glover single?

One might assume the answer is yes. Glover isn't the type to parade around the paparazzi making out with his girl of the week. But in fact, Glover is not single. He's been with the same girlfriend for "quite some time." Though the fact is, no one actually knows how long, and some outlets refer to her as his girlfriend, while others say they are married.

But at this point it's been at least two years, going on three. The first time anyone saw her was back in January of 2016, when they were accidentally spotted together in Hawaii, and she was definitely pregnant (second trimester-sh looking, though you never really can tell.) In October, they were spotted again in New York, and she was pushing a stroller -- at that time his publicist confirmed Glover has become a father, but would only say the baby was born "in early 2016."

Then there was his Golden Globes speech back in January, when he won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the time he said the following:

I really want to say thank you to my son and the mother of my son for making me believe in people again and things being possible, so thank you.

So, awww, that's sweet. But waaait a minute. "The mother of my son." Dude, doesn't she... have a name?

We must assume she does, but here's the thing: no one knows what it is. And this has been going on now for over two years... and still nobody knows who she is, or what her name is. Glover is a master as privacy. And since this is the way he's been going, it's a very good bet that when he arrives at the Emmy Awards Red Carpet this Sunday, she will not be by his side.

Glover used to have a Twitter account, back in the days when he first became a household name, during his Community and Childish Gambino phase. But at some point, right around the time that he found out his girl was pregnant, Glover removed himself from social media. He put his accounts on lockdown. He deleted his twitter permanently, and every last tweet.

So what gives? Is it his girl who just doesn't want her name in the paper? Did something happen that made the two of them realize that privacy is was way more important to them than fame? (It only takes one stalker to make that decision a lot easier.) Did they decide their kid needed to grow up in some sort of semblance of normality?

With Glover's Atlanta taking off with critics and winning awards, not to mention an upcoming role in the Star Wars standalone, Jeez Ron Howard Haven't You Named The Untitled Han Solo Joint Yet? as the younger version of Billy D. Williams' character Lando Calrissian, privacy is going to get harder and harder to come by. (Especially if this movie blows up like Rogue One did.)

If he can keep his private life on lock, more power to him, and let the blessings of personal space be with his family.