Where Is Zayn Malik At The 2017 Met Gala?

by Kylie McConville
Getty Images

At last year's Met Gala, dreamy celeb couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik turned heads not only due to their infectious happiness, but also for their commitment to the theme of the night. Showing off their best version of “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology," the celeb couple came flanked in their best metallics, with Zayn literally going all the way and sporting a suit of armor. Last year's gala also marked the first-ever red-carpet appearance for "Zigi," and this year, it seemed like Gigi and Zayn were posed to once again be in the running for Couple Goals another year over. But after walking Gigi walked the carpet alone, many are asking, "where is Zayn Malik at the 2017 Met Gala?"

From her well-earned perch as one of the world's top models, Gigi and Zayn have been realitivity open about their romance, respect, and love for each other. In an interview that aired on "Ellen" in February, Gigi revealed that she and Zayn had actually met years before they started dating at a mutual friend's birthday.

She told the host:

He was in New York to come to the Victoria's Secret show last year I think and ended up not coming, I was like, 'I'll play it cool. I'll go to the after party…' [but] he wasn't there. Later that week, we ended up going on our first date.

Gigi also shared that for the two stars, the connection was really quick. "We kind of have the same sense of humor and started sharing videos," she shared on "Ellen." And it looks like that connection dips into their fashion sense as well.

Showing up at the 2017 Met Gala wearing a stunning rose gold one-shouldered gown, but no Zayn. And fans were immediately concerned.

One possible reason why Zayn sat out this year's Met Gala could be due to to the fact that he's wheelchair-bound because of an injury. (When Zayn showed up to visit Gigi in the wheelchair, the internet oscilated between losing its damn mind because OH MY GOD, ZAYN IS INJURED, and also losing its mind because LITERALLY NOTHING CAN KEEP TRUE LOVE AWAY, NOT EVEN A HURT FOOT.)

Clarifying that the "Pillowtalk" singer isn't hurt for the longterm, a representative for Malik told ET: "Zayn injured his foot, but is fine." So even though Zigi devotees miss him terribly tonight, it's good to know he's resting up.