The VMAs Made A Huge Change To Their Show This Year And It's Awesome

Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images

Gender norms are definitely a thing of the past and MTV thinks so, too. In a new interview, Chris McCarthy, the president of MTV, says the "Moonman" will be replaced with a "Moon Person" instead. Oh, hell yeah! Let's all jump on the train to inclusivity! So, now that the VMAs Moonman changed to a Moon Person, let's go ahead and cheers to change. Well done, MTV. Also, everyone knows women own the music scene, so the statue probably should've started as a woman. I kid. I kid. We are all equal.

In an interview with The New York Times, Mcarthy said,

Why should it be a man? It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be nonconformist.

I love this dude.

The change took place after the music company turned their backs on gender-specific categories in 2016. They made changes to their newly conjoined MTV Movie and TV Awards and at the 2017 VMAs. The company replaced their Best Male Video Award and Best Female Video Award with Artist of the Year Award. That means males and females aren't put into separate categories any longer. This is the first of its kind, but it's pretty obvious this is just how it should be. Get with the times, other award shows.

That's not all McCarthy is changing either. The businessman is developing a new show called We are They, which will be about young people who represent themselves as gender-nonconforming. The show will aim to normalize gender neutrality in people.

McCarthy also mentioned Total Request Live is finally coming back in Oct. of 2017. For all of you out there who have never heard of TRL, I feel very, very old. For those of you who know and love the show  you get it.

MTV, you're making all the right moves. Let's just hope the future of MTV is less about Teen Mom and more about music. Afterall, it's called Music Television. Let's keep it that way.