Victoria's Secret Models React To Adam Levine Marrying Behati Prinsloo

by Elite Daily Staff

It was a sad day on July 19. The Victoria's Secret Angels wept as they watched one of their own, Behati Prinsloo, wed their three-time ex-boyfriend and unofficial mascot, Adam Levine.

Levine once joked on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" that his "famous last words" are "I'll never get married." But the Maroon 5 frontman actually went through with it at a beachy Los Cabos, Mexico wedding.

Although we're glad to see another douchebag off the market, there are some women (his ex-Victoria's Secret model girlfriends in particular) who are incredibly distraught over their loss to Behati.

We've compiled all of their saddened reactions, mainly because we like seeing pretty girls ugly cry, but also because there's no way we would ever celebrate a self-proclaimed assh*le like Adam Levine.

The classic "looking out the window depressed and naked" pose.

Nina Agdal, who dated Adam for a hot minute during his brief split from Behati in the spring of 2013, mourned her rejection the only way she knew how: by taking off all her clothes.

We're volunteering as her rebound.


Awww, Adam surprise kissed ex Anne Vyalitsyna during the 2011 fashion show! She looks happy (and hot).


Easy girl, put down the knife. It's not that bad.

"Summertime sadness" featuring Adriana Lima.

Black-and-white really adds to her emotional distress here.

Candace isn't going to be anyone's second best.

Peace out, Adam. She's not thinking twice about Levine.

"Behati could do better," says her friend, Candice.

Adam is like, soooo 2007 and Candice has said goodbye too many times before.

No hope for love anymore, Erin.

Someone will be spending her "Sunday Morning" all alone and isn't happy about it.

Cara's all, "Thank God it's not me!"

Angel getting married = angel getting pregnant = less-than-angelic-body = more Cara on the runway. We see right through you, girl.

"Bye Adam, we're through!"

Cue dramatic exit... Not that we've ever minded watching a Victoria's Secret model do the "walk away."

Karlie prefers to eat her feelings.

Tastes better than a ring! Or did you say wings?

Who wouldn't want an angel like you, Barbara?

Adam, unfortunately. He only turns his chair for Behati. But on the bright side, you're still gorgeous!

Top Photo Credit: WENN