Vanessa Hudgens' Amazing New Haircut Will Make You Want Bangs This Fall

by Jamie LeeLo
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Virginia Black

I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times, bangs are both God's gift and curse to the world. They're oh-so-cool and OH-SO-CUMBERSOME. Actress Vanessa Hudgens doesn't care, though, and recently went under the hair cutting knife to reveal a new, awesome 'do. Vanessa Hudgens' bangs are giving me life, and serious hair-envy for the upcoming fall.

Known for her boho-chic look, Hudgens has slowly been transitioning from beach girl next door to fierce, edgy queen. After first debuting a blunt bob in 2015, she has been teasing us with a variety of tousled tresses, golden highlights, and, IDK, hats? Do you guys feel like you see Vanessa rocking hats a lot, or is that just me? She's sported long, sleek Kardashian tresses and wispy, textured fringe, proving she's the chameleon of cool hair.

The latest triumph is thanks to Hudgens' hair guru, Chad Wood, who helped the star commit to untraditional blunt bangs and a geometric shape. Her bangs are parted right down the middle, hiding her eyebrows and reminding me how totally weird my forehead is.

Both Hudgens and Wood shared the photo below on their Instagram accounts, with Hudgens writing the caption, "Bangin." Get it? Like, bangs? And Wood typed, "BANGS With this Queen of the Night."

As someone who has swam in the bangs pool myself, let me tell you why they are perfect for Fall/Winter. Two words: No. Sweat.

I personally was aiming for the shaggy Zooey Deschanel-look, and found myself left with a greasy pile of fuzz on my forehead six out of seven days a week in the summer. The thing about bangs is they only look nice when they look nice, know what I mean?

For example...

See the difference?

But, you guys, this isn't about me. This is about Vanessa.

Girl, may the wind never be at your face and your pillows always static-free. Go in Goddess.