Tyga Thinks He Looks Like A Chihuahua In His Face Swap With Kylie Jenner

Despite Tyga posting the most underwhelming birthday Instagram of all time for girlfriend Kylie Jenner yesterday, the 19-year-old reality star and cosmetics entrepreneur joined him on Snapchat for some cutesy face swap action.

T posted a video of the couple to his Snapchat story that will haunt your dreams and his, apparently.

In the clip, the rapper looks at his face on Kylie's head and asks,

I look like a Chihuahua. I really look like that in real life?

No, T. You do not look like a Chihuahua in real life. You especially don't look like a Chihuahua with a $1,500 hair cut and a girlish giggle in real life.

Relax. Ya look great.

Kylie went solo on her own Snapchat for most of her birthday and, at one point, she did legitimately look like a Chihuahua.

Though she spent some time peddling her limited-edition Birthday Collection bundle for Kylie Cosmetics, Ky took a break for a sunlit swim (and a few selfies, because obviously).

Well wishes from family and gifts from friends in honor of Kylie's 19th birthday made the social media queen's 18th birthday look like a goddamn horse funeral.

Happy belated birthday, KJ!