Entertainment — How Tom Green Made Social Experiments A Thing Before Anyone Else

If you were a fan of comedy in the 1990s, there's a good chance you're familiar with Tom Green.

The Canadian comedian and talk show host is best known for his unique brand of comedy, and his outlandish pranks had every aspiring comedian with a camera out harassing random people in their neighborhood.

In case you lost track of the comedian since then, he currently resides in Burbank, California.

When he's not touring for stand up, Green works on his new YouTube show, which he refers to as "Webovision" -- a hybrid of TV, radio and the Internet. Green hopes the success he had on MTV with "The Tom Green Show" will carry over to his YouTube channel.

Green, the OG prankster, is responsible for some of the most ridiculous pranks: putting poop on a microphone and interviewing people on the street; inventing the concept of planking; and, of course, having a lesbian sex scene airbrushed onto the hood of his parents' car (which he then coined the "slutmobile").

Green credits his big break with MTV to the fact that he was the only person MTV knew of with such a large quantity of already-produced prank videos.

He explains,

Now with YouTube, it's harder to stand out. I think if I had been born 10 years later, I don't know if I would have actually even ended up on MTV.

Green's expertise in shooting, editing and directing enabled him to have a do-it-all approach to creating videos -- something many modern pranksters on YouTube have since adopted. Even more impressively, he was able to get his content out there before social media even existed.

 I'm glad I grew up in a world without social media. I'm glad I grew up in a world where I had to learn how to do traditional broadcasting stuff.

While Green admits he currently uses social media to help promote his content and brand, he believes he has no use for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in his personal life.

Green thinks people in their 20s are losing their social skills because of their dependence on their phones and that, hopefully, a time will come when people stop posting pictures of themselves and actually want to get off the grid.

He jokes that the hipsters (of course) will be the first ones to ditch social media. Hopefully, everyone else follows.

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