Tila Tequila Is Now A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist And Neo Nazi Who Thinks Paul Walker's Death Was A Ritual Sacrifice

Some of you may remember Tila Tequila, aka Tila Nguyen, from her bisexual MTV dating reality show, "A Shot With Tila Tequila." Well, the washed up television "star" is trying to make a comeback by exploiting conspiracy theories and divulging her love for Adolf Hitler.

She believes that Paul Walker's death was a ritualistic murder and is somehow connected to the death of Canadian Elisa Lam, whose body was found inside a water tank at a hotel in Los Angeles earlier this year.

Lam was last seen pushing buttons in an elevator and poking her head out at each floor. The next time she was found was inside a water tank when hotel guests were complaining of low water pressure.

This case has yet to be solved and no one knows how the 21-year-old University of B.C. student ended up inside the water tank, but yet, Tila Tequila believes this is somewhat connected to the death of Paul Walker.

Tequila goes by another name these days: Hitila. Yes, like Hitler. She is a Nazi sympathizer and according to Jezebel, "On Friday, Tequila posted a Daily Mail article about James Marcus Howe, a director who'd worked on her show and was murdered in his Los Angeles home last month.

Her lengthy caption seemed to revel in Howe's death, and included the text, 'GOD SEE'S [sic] YOU DIRTY FUCKING KIKES WORKING FOR THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN AND I HAVE RETURNED AS HIS MESSENGER!'"

Um, excuse me? Tila also claims to have endured a battle with reptilian members of the Illuminati. At this point, your jaw has probably hit the floor as you cannot fathom this to actually be real. Oh, but it is ever so real.

Check out her Facebook page and see just what kind of ranting this woman has been doing.

You can even check out her blog posting, which fully explains how and why she sympathizes with one of the biggest monsters in our world history.

H/T: Jezebel, Top Photo Credit: WENN